We love summer & I suppose you too! So how about having hot Christmas this year instead of cold and testing that water sports Santa style?




If you live in Australia or Brazil then you are lucky! For us that live in Europe I made a research of warm destinations in December that you can visit without spending your entire year’s savings!




Europe or close by:


1st Egypt : Close, warm & you can travel for a reasonable amount. Try Sharm el sheikh for cheap holiday in the most luxurious resorts. Get your bikini & hit the beach right away! There is not much to do around that makes it ideal for some relaxing time!






2nd Canary Islands: warm, sunny, nice beaches, good food & surf all year round! Tenerife will be warm enough to walk around in your shorts and T-shirt but swimming in the ocean of course is for brave swimmers. You always have the option of your hotel pool thought!





3rd Dubai: always a warm destination, a bit pricier though! However you can still use that beautiful swimsuit that you just bought! Have afternoon excursions to local markets and live the 1001 Arabian nights. Be careful with local rules for that gorgeous bikini of yours, you don’t want to end up dealing with local authorities, for wearing it in public places.






destinations51st Bali: I must admit, it is not that close, but life there is cheaper and you can have a luxurious holiday of 10days spending as much as you would for 5 days somewhere in UK. Before book any hotels, or villas (totally recommend) check the different areas to find your ideal place to stay, as the daily trips may be long due to traffic & I’m sure you won’t want to have a long way back home after the a long night out.




destinations62nd Phuket: another exotic destination! Enjoy the sun (protect yourself if you are not used being exposed to it), the long sandy beaches and the warm sea! Arrange day trips to the close by islands (Koh phi phi for example) and leave the experience of well known movie “the beach’’ on your own! There are high-speed boats that will take you there in no time!





destinations73rd Philippines: So many islands I’m sure there is one for every taste! Cosmopolitan or peaceful, these islands can satisfy every mood!








1st Mexico: make this trip a little longer and make sure you are organized to make the most out of it! Full of culture and beauty, Mexico is the place to get lost between Maya’s ancient temples, spicy Mexican food, cool beers & obviously the long white sandy beaches! Visit the Riviera Maya & Cancun, but I would recommend to do your own list according to what is your style of holidays.



2nd Belize: near to Mexico with its own airport for your convenience. Warm weather, beautiful beaches and amazing bird species!




destinations93rd Panama City: do you like to be different & unique? That’s the place to visit then. As you may know loads of travellers have spent Christmas in Bali or Thailand on the contrary not may have been in Panama generally, let alone to have spent Christmas there! Explore the culture of Panama, buy original Panama hats and enjoy the beaches along with a nice cocktail!







Voila!!! Happy warm Christmas to everyone! And don’t forget to take loads of photos at the beach with a nice Santa hat....


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