As every year since 2007 (first time happened in Sydney), we participate in the earth hour organised by the WWF organisation. This year is the 30thof March from 8:30pm-9:30 pm to your local time zone.


The scope of the movement is to bring awareness to the environmental problem of destroying nature by the overconsumption, and that's why we all switch off the lights and all electronic devices for one hour. You may think, "What good can do just one hour without electricity?", Indeed it started as a symbolic thing to do, but if you consider how many people participate to the movement and how much energy is saved by only that one hour that we pass without it, it is much! Actually, it is 7000 cities and towns across 187 countries that participate in the movement. In the official website (find the link at the end of the article) you can see all the resources and information you need to get a better idea of why we should all participate.




A lot of people may think "Great I will do it, but what I am going to do for an entire hour without electricity?", As our lives getting every day for entangled with electricity in every way, it is only reasonable that we don't know any more what to do when it is absent. This is why I wanted to give some ideas about how to enjoy yourself in that hour.


So here are 10 things to do in the dark to #connect2earth :

  1. Camping outside: Do you live near the ocean, a beach, up the hills or you simply have a backyard or a terrace? Go out then! There is nothing more impressive than the nocturnal sky with
    all the stars when the lights of the city are out. You can see the smallest start and make some wishes.
  2. Beach party with a campfire: Gather your friends and head to the beach. Make a campfire and gather around it, tell stories, play the gu
    itar (if you have one), sing, play a game or just enjoy each other’s company away from a screen.
  3. A glass of wine and candles: A minute before you switch off everything, pure yourself (&your company’s if you have one) a glass of wine and light few candles. Then switch off the lights and every electronic device, sit back and enjoy your one hour away from the social madness.
  4. Hot bath: Before your switch off the electricity, full your bathtub with hot water, put some aromatic bath salts in (make sure they are cruelty-free please), light up some candles for the atmosphere and make the most of this hour by doing anything more than relaxing.
  5. Yoga by the candles: Have you ever try to do yoga and meditation just with candles? Put also some herbs in an appropriate bowl and create the most relaxing atmosphere for your meditation time. Then start your asanas focusing totally to yourself (I ensure you there are no disruptions, at least for an hour)
  6. Read a book: That is my favourite by far! Reading a book under the light of the candles with nothing interrupting the fantastic story you have on these pages. If it's a thriller or a crime book you read to be aware of the amplifying of the feelings in the dark.
  7. Candle-lit dinner: Is there anything more romantic than that? Prepare something simple and enjoy each other’s company under the soft light of the candles and you never know how far can go this night!
  8. Local event: You don’t really like relaxing and candles and yoga and all this? No problem! There are a lot of local events organised for this day. Check with your local community for gigs, concerts or other activities as well as the official website and find something that suits your personality
  9. Make a resolution list: Decide on what is that you can do to your everyday life to help our planet? We are committed to saving our oceans from plastic pollution and discarded fishing nets for example. You might want to save paper by turning all your bills to e-statements or print out only the entire necessary documents. Or start recycling and upcycling. The choice is absolutely yours. Find some “green” tips in this link:
  10. Challenge your friends: Find something funny to play in the dark with your friends, as for example paint each other’s faces or hide and seek. Believe me, everything gets more amusing when you can't see a thing.


Hope you all have fun and please let me know what you did during the earth hour.



What to do to participate and raise awareness:



Useful resources:




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