Could you ever imagine that there would be a moment that you would wear swimsuits that once were used as fishing nets, carpets and other nylon waste products? 

Probably not! Some years ago, people used to shiver in the word "recycled", probably my dad still does (but he is sustainable and eco-friendly all the time doing things always the old way so I can forgive him for that…). Nowadays is a way to save our future, I mean the best way would be to use nothing at all but how close to reality is that scenario? How easy would it be just to keep living in the same old clothes that you already have in your wardrobe? Probably some people do that, like my father, but others need the newness to feel better, to feel desired, and to feel regenerated! Precisely like this fantastic regenerated nylon that I am to talk about here.

So, for you that haven't heard that yet, there is this fantastic fibre that comes from the recycling of fishing nets found at the bottom of the seas worldwide as well as used old carpets and other nylon waste used in different industries. After the retrieved, used materials have been collected, they will be regenerated into ECONYL® regenerated nylon and then waved into the fabric to be used in the fashion industry. How amazing is that? Is like a part of our history coming back to life!

This is what ECONYL® brand does, it turns waste problems into exceptional fashion and interior solutions. Here are the facts of the process and the environmental benefits:

Talking for a circular economy, we couldn't have been more sustainable. What would you think if, after the usage of your favourite swimsuit made from nylon waste, you could recycle it again to a new item instead of ending up to the landfill? So, you would stay in the loop, and no additional waste is produced? Indeed, ECONYL® regenerated nylon can be recycled infinitely. It can be recreated and remoulded again and again. That means you can create new products and buy new products without ever having to use new resources.

For all these reasons, we chose to use this as the raw material for our swimwear, as main consideration of our company is the Ocean and the environmental impact of our energies and besides that what better stuff to use for a swimsuit than something that already comes from the ocean?

Do you already make use of this material or you own a product made from it? If yes, then congrats, not only have you helped reduce the waste from our planet but also save the marine life that is struggling from the massive amount of plastic ending in the ocean.

So, what is your opinion? Better use only what we have? Or recycle & reuse things that we have already used and discarded?

Here are some resources for you, if you would like to know more about the benefits of ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon made from waste. 


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