Fashion revolution week is here again to remind us to be more aware of our consumer choices. Is it thought only once a year that we need to think about it? We in Menesthò have built our business around ethical and sustainable decisions to make sure we give you year around the most durable choice for your water adventures.

Is it a trip to the beach, water or beach based game, a pool training or a spa treatment? We have the perfect swimsuit for you to choose without having to compromise style or comfort to be sustainable and at the same time fashionable.

We are ready to reply to any questions you may have, but in the meantime, we would like to let you know how we respond to significant environmental impact problems of the fashion industry.



1) Length of usage of your garment.

We aim to reduce waste by making swimsuits that last longer from an average swimsuit. Better quality equals to more prolonged usage of your swimsuit. Every single item is handmade so we can guaranty a high-quality result, durable seams and fitting patterns. Also to handle the crave for the newness, we do our swimsuits reversible. This is so you can style it your way and have 4in1 for the bikinis and 2in1 for the one pieces. More choices, fewer garments, zero boredom.



2) Care for your swimsuit.

As per UK law, we include in all our swimsuits care instructions for your reference. Although the material is durable to be washed in 40 degrees and ironed up to the second scale of your iron. Is it essential? The answer is simple! Definitely NOT! That’s why we recommend something way more straightforward, and that will extend the life of your swimsuit. Coming out of the pool or the sea, rinse your bikini with cold water until any salt or chlorine is gone and then leave it to dry naturally by the air. If you are on the beach, changing to a new swimsuit is actually good for your help too. Avoid thought to stent your bikini under the direct sun to avoid change in colour. Our material is fast drying, so it shouldn’t take longer than an hour to dry completely depending on the temperature of the environment of course. Also, our fabrics are stain resistant so don’t worry about applying your tan oils or sun cream. This way your footprint will be only on the sand!



3) Fabric and material waste.

a. Our approach to cutting, making and ordering is based on zero waste believes. When it comes to ordering new season fabric, we will only order what we think is necessary and we keep the styles for as long as we have stock.
b. We aim to produce limited editions so we can give you both exclusivity and not waste any sources.
c. Your bikini is not already ready when you order it, on the contrary, it will be made only when you place your order. This is our approach to reduce any wasted swimsuits.
d. Also, all our scraps from cutting are used back again to our sampling procedure (that results to awkwardly assembled bikinis, that they do the job of fitting alteration just fine!)



4) Recycling and Upcycling.

Of course, what we are prouder about is our fabric. What would it be better for a swimsuit than a material that actually comes from the sea? Yes, the sea! Econyl regenerated nylon is the fibre that makes the fabric we use and is made from recycled fishing nets found at the bottom of the sea and other plastic waste. "Healthy seas" is the initiate that with the help of volunteers “fish” out of the seas lost and abandoned fishing nets and supplies the raw material for our fabric.



5) Printing of textiles.

Every season we create in studio different patterns for our swimsuits that we then print on the recycled fabric. To do this, we choose the method of digital printing that eliminates any usage of water and is much more sustainable than other methods. Our printing is based in the UK, so we can keep our CO2 footprint in a minimum.



Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to address also other environmental issues. For now, we are doing our best, and we are thankful for all the support we get from eco-warriors like you.

We are glad to answer any question you have about our methods or our supply chain! Contact us using the contact form of our website, and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

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