You know... sometimes in life there are ideas and things that makes you wonder how? How’s this possible, how is made, where does it come from? 

In Menesthò we believe in transparency and also we like to have all our customers on-board with our processes and development/production of our products.

Welcome to an exciting journey. The making of your unique swimwear piece, yes that’s right the one you already have or the one you are considering buying from Menesthò.

Step 1: The design and pattern making....

New inspirations, new concepts and new products. These rush through the mind in seconds. Ideas are approved, others are rejected and others amended to fit our model. But it all concludes to our main , non negotiable, objective, keeping quality high. It does not take much of machinery, not at all. It takes a lot of effort, time, focus and skills. Yeah it seems that you only need a few lines on a white piece of paper. However those lines need to lead somewhere.

Once the main design begin to appear and take a solid form this is the point where lines are added or rubbed away. It’s a brain storm. A powerful one, that is much needed, is part of the process and we enjoy it.

Step 2: The point of no return

The sun is up an other day begins. Work work work, we are in a silent room where the noise of a keyboard, a marker, a cup that is placed on a table (several times) and our thoughts of the next season, the next campaign and the next objective to be achieved are all interrupted from an important notification.

We have a new order! Yes... exactly, we do not produce unless we have an order to fulfil, large or small it does not really matter. Our product is unique and a few minutes ago someone, somewhere on this planet (any orders from outside earth will have to be charged extra), found our page, went through our swimwear line and thought that she actually wants a piece that is different, that is for her and that she make the choice of the colors and extras (where applicable). She fulfilled her part, to create the style she wants and send it across to us to work on it and make it happen.

We encourage our customers to be creative, we have over 1000 combinations for you to choose from and we are nowhere close to a mass produce brand.

Back to our room, the order has landed on our system and the process begins. We place the fabrics needed on our working table and cut the pieces with mathematical precision. All this is done with a smile on our face, a smile needed for the process to succeed. Your piece will be packed with happy thoughts and enjoyment all coming from our love for what we do.

All we have now is a few pieces and strings that make not a lot of sense. Wait for it this is only the beginning. We sat down on the table and the first thread and needles have been called to do their duty. Let the sewing begin...

Step 3: The sacred act of sewing.

It’s that moment where all pieces and parts are coming together. Needle and thread are at the forefront of the process. Slowly but steadily your swimwear is taking shape and begin to look a lot like the one you have seen on the picture taken on the seaside somewhere in this world. Initial sewing has been done after some time and it’s time to move on checking the details and first seams. Are they steady and tightly placed? Are the pieces aligned and form the style as they are supposed to? Of course they are. It’s a handmade piece. That means it’s has been taken care of the entire process. It has been looked after and checked in detail. See all these details in the pic below? All these threads going back and forth, back and forth and loop and again.... and again....

There are the threads ensuring your piece is made to last, is made to keep you happy whenever you wear your bikini or one piece swimsuit. They are placed carefully to ensure you will not have any threads hanging, loosen after a while or brake and of course they are there to ensure a long lasting piece for years, making you feel that the piece is brand new every time you wear it!

Step 4: Finishing and quality check

One of the most important steps before we pack your new piece and send it across to you wherever you are!

In order to ensure this piece will last we need more power. Hopefully technology has us covered and the finishing will be done with a sewing machine. The piece is carefully placed on the machine, last details of threads and needle to be used are also checked. The minute our foot is on the pedal and ready to go, one little push and the synchronized dance of thread cones on the back begin. It’s the first cone that is moving, no the third, I think it’s the second. It’s a fast process we can’t see which cone is moving at a time. Such a complicated dance but wonderful to look at! And this is where the sewing is finished.

Checking the seams again before we pack and send your new swimwear. Remember, quality is top priority!


The journey of the swimwear making might be over for now but in the mean time we had other notifications on our system setting the pace of our day. Shall we do it again then? Absolutely!