Ambassador Program

Menesthò is expanding fast and would like to have people who love our products involved in our journey. That is why we designed our ambassador program to be centered on our people, the people who will support the brand and our vision.

Do you like to be part of the shift that is happening in fashion? Do you like sharing with other your experience and have people follow you? Do you enjoy working towards a great goal that is to save our ecosystem? Are you the kind of person who feel confident with its body and do not accept rules and patterns established from the industry?

We want to interact with our customers and especially the ones who promote our values for sustainable clothing. Obviously you heard that before but we have put a lot of effort to have you as involved as you can be. We are looking for members who truly want to help and that’s why we fueled our program with loads of perks, discounts and gifts!

Are you determined on promoting sustainability and push boundaries to have an impact to customers on a global basis? People who are happy to lead the way into the new path of clothing...... the sustainable path?

Sounds like an easy answer but if it is yes then we want you in our sustainable family!!

What’s next? Submit a short form which then will be reviewed and evaluate whether you are the right fit to help us spread the word.

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Our ambassador program has 3 different levels and you can reach a different level depending on the results and performance. It is not necessary to move to another level, as long as you feel comfortable where you are and you could maintain it. Even our basic level is very rewarding and is easily manageable.

Please see here the different levels of our program


Level 1: Dryads

This is the starting point of your evolvement in our successful story. We want you to take your first steps with us and realize your potential at your own pace. You still get great perks for all your efforts.


  • 1-2 Sales, in low season (6 months)
  • 4-10 Sales, in high season (6 months)
  • 15% discount all year round
  • 10% Discount for your followers
  • Know about new designs first


Level 2: Nereids

Our next level is more stimulating and requires greater control from your side on the pattern you’ll follow in order to maintain it. Of course the rewards are more and would love to see you putting a bit more effort into spreading the word of ethical fashion.


  • 3-6 Sales in low season (6 months)
  • 10-20 Sales in high season (6 months)
  • 25% discount all year round
  • 15% discount for your followers
  • First to know about promotions and new designs
  • Special discount for birthday day
  • Be featured on our social media

Level 3: Oceanides

Congratualios!! All your hard work and spreading the word for sustainable fashion, delivered great results and you are now at the top of the pyramid and enjoying great discounts and gifts, this level packs a great amount of unique perks for you to enjoy but also your followers. Yes this level will keep you busy enough for you to have fun and create an efficient plan to keep you at the top.


  • 7-12 Sales in low season (6 months)
  • 20-25 Sales in high season (6 months)
  • 40% discount all year round
  • 25% discount for your followers
  • Special design for you (subject to approval)
  • Know about promotions and new designs first
  • Vote on new designs
  • If the target is reached you will earn a commission on every other sale
  • Featured on our social media